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The Often Overlooked Position That Helps Businesses Level Up

Most business owners would agree that time is the most valuable asset of all. However, many of the same owners and employers overlook utilizing a key role that not only saves them time directly but also keeps their workforce operating efficiently. For any company that operates inside their own space, utilizing a dedicated facility manager makes a difference that quickly becomes exponential to workplace morale, risk mitigation, and even bottom line profits.

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Disinfecting the Work Place From the COVID-19 Delta Variant

By now, we all know pretty much everything there is to know about COVID. We know how it spreads, what the symptoms of the virus are, and how the vaccine works to keep us safer. We’re a world of COVID experts!

But, what people still aren’t sure about is how they can clean workspaces to stay safe from the virus, especially with the Delta variant. As something that’s highly transmissible, how do you keep it out of your work place?

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