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Warehouse Cleanliness Plays Vital Role In Keeping Businesses Running

A messy warehouse can result in downtime of warehouse operations, which not only affects the company’s bottom line but also makes the area a hazardous place for workers or anyone who enters the facility. This is why regular warehouse cleaning is an important part of a company’s safety program.

Here are reasons a clean warehouse can help boost employee productivity and workplace safety.


When a company’s leadership invests time and resources on keeping warehouses clean, it delivers a positive message to the people working on the floor. Employees will feel that management looks after their health and safety, hence, employees are motivated to keep their areas tidy and clutter-free. This way it will be easier for employees to find the supplies and equipment they need. A clean warehouse reduces stress, allowing workers to focus on completing their tasks faster and more efficiently.


A messy or dirty facility can bog down operations and sometimes lead to costly mistakes. Clean warehouses can help lower costs related to inventory management. The cost that a company spends on commercial cleaning services translates to increased profitability and lower inventory management costs. Having an organized warehouse enables a company to have better control of its warehouses processes, such as checking the shelf-life of products, managing stocks for write-off, and monitoring inventory levels to prevent overstocking or stock outs.


Companies are required to comply with federal and state occupational health and safety regulations, which include keeping a clean and organized working environment. Slips, trips, and falls as well as falling objects from shelves and racks are some of the most common causes of accidents and injuries in the workplace. They can result in sick days and hospitalization which affects the employee’s productivity. When a warehouse is kept clean, organized, and free from obstruction, it leads to better ergonomics and increased visibility, hence, reducing risks and hazards.

Conveyors, pallets, lifts, and other productivity tools are a common sight in warehouses. These machines and equipment must be kept free from dust and debris that may damage or affect its operational efficiency. Regular warehouse cleaning helps in prevent dirt build-up, shielding parts like bearing and motors from dirt that if left uncleaned or unmaintained, may lead to costly repair or replacement.


A clean working environment reflects the company’s values. Nowadays, warehouses are not just used as storage facilities but also as distribution centers where warehouse employees interact with suppliers and customers. If a company keeps its warehouse clean, it creates a professional image and leaves a positive impression. When customers and business partners see that a company puts great effort in keeping their facility clean and organized, they will continue to trust the company and not take their business elsewhere.

As described above, having a clean warehouse is an integral part of a company’s strategic operations. Clean and organized warehouses ensure safety compliance, boosts productivity, and efficiency.


Security Guard Services: What Should Your Security Guards Actually be Doing?

Over one million people work as security officers in the United States, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. And rightly so. Commercial, residential, and government sites need security guard services to keep people safe.

Security guards have to be familiar with local laws, have a good relationship with emergency services, and be keenly observant. Their job is socially demanding and requires constant focus.

But which responsibilities actually come under their title? And how can your business benefit from having them on site?

Safety and Security

The primary responsibility of officers is to keep people and facilities safe and secure. Several daily routine activities make this happen. They also equip the staff to better deal with occasional, larger issues.

Deter Crime

Just the presence of a security team decreases criminal incidents. You are less likely to be targeted if your facility has a visible security presence.

Conducting Rounds

Security guard services actively patrol their entire sites. Focusing on entrances and exits, they investigate anything that appears out of place.

Monitor CCTV

While some patrol the site, other staff monitor CCTV feeds as an extra safety measure. This ensures that issues will be detected even if a security officer isn’t physically present in that area.

Write Reports

Every day, security officers write reports about their shifts. What seems trivial can later be instrumental in figuring out a problem. Therefore, they keep a record of everything.

Dealing with Emergencies

While we all hope that no emergencies will happen on site, security staff are there to step in if they do. They are trained for all manner of incidents, including fires, explosions, and robberies.

They maintain order and carry out evacuations. Officers are also trained to stop incidents from escalating until emergency services arrive. 

The More Subtle Responsibility: Managing People

Security guard services don’t just come into play during an emergency. Day to day, they keep your facility running smoothly. During busier periods, security guards maintain the order of vehicular and people traffic. Their traffic control directions are optimized for each facility. They ensure even the busiest or more important days go smoothly.

Crowd management comes into play at all times. But busier days at your site should require extra vigilance from trained personnel. Security guard teams communicate across the site to spot any unexpected patterns or causes for concern. They then address them before they become a problem.

First-time visitors may need help finding their way around, so security teams should also be approachable. Professional and friendly officers keep people safe and moving. They also share safety information when needed.

Invest in Security Guard Services

Security officers are an invaluable investment. They protect people and inventory, all while reducing the likelihood of crime. Plus, they’re the first port of call to maintain order in an emergency.

BlueChip’s security guard services are the best out there. Let us handle finding the best people for the job. All you have to do is get in touch, and we’ll send them your way. Talk to us today for a security services quote for your facility.

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