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4 Areas to Target in a Yearly Building Security Assessment

Security in the United States is worth more than $46 billion right now. This is due in large part to how critical this facet of business is for people and companies all over. Learning to take care of your company’s security will protect the people that you work with and do business with, in addition to any inventory that changes hands within your company. 

Getting regular facility assessments for your property will help you look after the most common security issues that businesses deal with every day. To help focus on the points that matter the most we created a complimentary security checklist to guide you through the assessment process. Here are some tips that will be useful when you’re following the checklist.

1. Put a Solid Security Policy in Place

It’s a lot easier to welcome your employees into your workplace when you have a security plan that everyone is on the same page with. So much of protecting company buildings means having protocols in place that keep you vigilant and allow you to take action.  

A solid policy should include staff training procedures, emergency evacuation, and a breakdown of who to report to in the event of a security emergency. 

You need a security policy to keep your company safe. When the plan is detailed, it keeps your company on one accord.  

2. Inspect the Interior of the Building

Run through a checklist as you inspect the interior of your building for security issues. Inspecting the interior of your building helps you audit safety and security issues. Make this part of your security assessment. 

Do an inspection of all of your doors and locks and make sure that they aren’t rusting, falling apart, malfunctioning, and note any other problems that you might be dealing with. If people’s keys are sticking or badges aren’t working correctly make it a priority to fix the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. 

You can upgrade to the newest types of locks and keys, in addition to looking into access control systems that use cards, fingerprints, codes, and other forms of technology. 

It’s also important to make sure that your IT room is secured, that you keep a log and register of visitors, and that all windows and doors are locked.

3. Inspect the Exterior of the Building

Make sure to also inspect your building exterior. 

Hire a professional to survey your building to see if there are any blind spots you’re missing. This could be things like bushes, shrubs, shadowy areas, or anywhere else that an intruder might hide. 

Get a handle on your outdoor lighting so that visibility around your property is always at its best. You can look into motion detector lighting and lights that stay on throughout the night so that there are fewer hiding places and blind spots. This will also allow your security cameras to pick up clearer images. 

Have a key system in place to prevent duplicates, post “no trespassing” signage, and be sure that your parking lots also have adequate lighting. 

When you inspect the exterior of your building, you’ll be safer and more secure. Run through this checklist to make sure everything is in great order. 

4. Manage Your Security System

Having a security system is the best step that you can take to have a way to actively monitor your facilities.

If you don’t already have cameras now might be the time to invest in a set. If you already have them, make sure that they are installed, working, and up to date. Keep an alarm system that sounds locally and also alerts the proper authorities. Make sure that your surveillance DVR has enough space to take as much footage as you need. Check your access control and alarm systems on a regular basis. 

Having a security system in place is the backbone of any security plan. Always check and update your setup to make sure that your company is safe. 

Invest in a Building Security Assessment

If you need a building security assessment, make sure that you consider the points above. We wanted to make this as easy as possible, so we created a complementary security checklist to make sure you’re not missing anything. Contemplate the points and take the next step of getting in touch with the best security professionals available.

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