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Bundled Facility Services

Save time and money while creating a more efficiently run building.

Make your job easier by having BlueChip Pros handle all of your facility and building services. Your single point of contact will manage all of your projects with the highest standard of professionalism that people have come to expect from the Pros.

Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning
Security Guards and Concierge Services
Facility Management
Facility Management
Disinfection and Specialty Services

    Savings Up To 25%

    Save on bundled service plans

    Find out how much you can save over your current plans when you bundle services together with BlueChip.

    Trusted for over 35 years

    Providing top caliber building maintenance services at a national scale

    We understand that part of your success counts on reliable and cost-effective facility services. By partnering with your organization, we get to understand your needs and take the routine building maintenance responsibilities off of your plate – letting you get more out of your space to do what you do best.

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    Cleaning Services

    Innovative and cost effective commercial janitorial solutions.

    Antiviral Disinfection

    Keep your building operating and open for businesses.

    Building Security

    The most comprehensive and conscientious security available.

    Facility Management

    We’ll run your building so that you can run your business.

    It starts with training

    Consistent training and performance standards across all competencies

    We believe the most important work is done behind the scenes in order to prep our Pros for success. Get peace of mind knowing that The Pros in your facilities are all required to have the highest level of training to meet BlueChip’s standards for safety, compliance, and conscientiousness. These principles ensure you will have the most qualified professionals working in your buildings. 

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    Highly Decorated

    Raise your Standards

    Streamline your Building with a Bundled Services Package

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