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4 Ways Managing Your Own Security Guards is Costing You

In many cases, it may seem logical to hire in-house security guards to keep your building, property, employees, assets, and customers safe. Many believe that keeping your security services in-house is a cost savings solution. In reality, outsourcing your security guard protection to a reputable and experienced security services company is usually a more affordable, effective, and time-saving choice for businesses. Let’s take a look at four (4) of the ways self-managing your security team is costing you and why you will want to make the switch and outsource your security needs.

Pro Tips, Security

4 Areas to Target in a Yearly Building Security Assessment

Security in the United States is worth more than $46 billion right now. This is due in large part to how critical this facet of business is for people and companies all over. Learning to take care of your company’s security will protect the people that you work with and do business with, in addition to any inventory that changes hands within your company. 

Getting regular facility assessments for your property will help you look after the most common security issues that businesses deal with every day. To help focus on the points that matter the most we created a complimentary security checklist to guide you through the assessment process. Here are some tips that will be useful when you’re following the checklist.

Pro Tips, Security

Staying Safe and Secure in Retail

Did you know more than $13 million worth of goods are stolen from retailers every year?

First, let’s state the obvious – Shoplifters are bad for retail stores, and not just because of stolen inventory and lost profits but they also pose a safety threat to your customers and staff members.

This is one of the many reasons why retail stores, department stores, and malls need to find ways to boost security, especially during the holiday months.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps you can take to protect the people in your retail space as well as products in inventory.

1. Implement Access Control

Access control limits who has access to certain areas of your store. Examples include making a decision about which staff members open and close the store or who can access the stock room and all other areas of the site.

This way, you can better track if something is missing from the stock room or if an item was stolen from the floor while your store was closed.

2. Set Up Alarms

Burglars are just as dangerous as shoplifters. But unlike shoplifters, burglars usually target your store after hours. This is why it’s integral to set up an alarm system. The best alarms can detect broken windows, open doors, and even motion.

A good alarm system that is set up properly catches any movement or open doors/windows and will sound the alarm. This will cause the burglars to flee the area.

3. Install Video Surveillance

Let’s say you installed alarms and the burglars fled. How do you catch them? Video surveillance can catch the burglars in the act, providing any possible evidence.

Video surveillance not only wards off burglars but shoplifters in your store. If you have visible cameras, this can deter a possible shoplifter. If they decide to act, the cameras will catch them.

4. Hire Security Guards

Security guards are essential for many reasons. They can stop shoplifters in the act, immediately respond to emergency situations, and monitor your store for other suspicious behavior.

Superior security guards or security guard teams should be specially trained to identify suspicious people in a crowd, provide crowd control, deescalating situations, and provide emergency response. Depending on your facility, you may also want parking lot and interior patrols for an extra level of protection.

5. Create Loss Prevention Protocols

If you haven’t yet, create a loss prevention strategy that will reduce the effects of stolen merchandise. To prevent shoplifting fraud, organize your space so checkout counters are near store exits. Double-check all of your merchandise and monitor any cash returns.

It may also help to have your security guards or security team, train the staff on proper procedures for recognizing shoplifters, and notifying security guards.

You also shouldn’t forget about employee theft. Develop policies about employee theft, making their actions punishable. Take tips from employees and train them to inform management and security guards about employee theft.

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