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Safety And Security In Retail During The Holiday Rush

The holiday season is upon us, bringing not only joy and festivities but also an increase in retail activity. About 54% of business owners report more theft than usual around the holidays. Investing in enhanced business security measures is a good choice if you’re looking to safeguard your business this season. Let’s review about a few strategies to keep your customers, employees, and merchandise safe and secure.

Safeguard Your Inventory

The first note may seem obvious, but now is a good time to remind yourself to prioritize your most expensive inventory. High-ticket items like electronic devices, jewelry, and designer products carry a disproportionate level of risk. A single instance of retail theft could cost you thousands. That’s why it’s important that you lock up your most expensive inventory. Creating specific security measures for these items in particular is not a waste of time. Using padlocks, dedicated cases with thick plastic, or assigning staff or guards to monitor particular items will make it more difficult for shoplifters to access expensive items and can pre-emptively combat theft.

Set Up Cameras Around Your Shop

Cameras can act as a deterrent for those who would consider shoplifting from your store this holiday season. When criminals see cameras around inventory that they’re looking to snatch, they’ll think twice before trying to steal it. After all, no one wants their face associated with shoplifting. Make sure the cameras cover key areas such as entrances, exits, and high-traffic zones. Those signs indicating that the premises are under surveillance aren’t just legal disclaimers; they also add effectiveness to the system by making it more visible. If someone does manage to steal something, cameras can show you exactly who did it. You can show these videos to the police as evidence of the theft and evaluate the incident for opportunities to improve security.

Invest In Visible Human Security Presence

Security cameras are a big help, but studies show that only 44% of thieves are deterred by security cameras. However, that number almost doubles when you have visibly attentive employees, especially security guards. Adding the presence of security guards inside and outside the store makes it clear to customers and potential thieves that you take safety and security seriously. Parking lot patrols are also a good idea when creating an all-encompassing security plan.

Test All Security Equipment

Cameras, manual locks, electronically controlled locks, and tag sensors that safeguard inventory require regular testing. Management should ensure that these tools work as intended, or they will be ineffective. Cameras should be checked for obstructions, locks should be tested to ensure that they are in full working order, and the tag sensors at entrances and exits should be tested to ensure they sound the proper alarms. It’s also important to take extra time to ensure that holiday decorations and additional shelving have not been placed in front of cameras or in high-traffic areas.

Perform Background Checks on Seasonal Employees

The holidays in retail come with seasonal employees. You’ll be giving a whole new set of people access to your inventory. Performing thorough background checks may seem like overkill for a temporary employee, but, in reality, it may be more important. Someone with a criminal history may apply for a seasonal job with the intention of stealing merchandise via authorized access. There are a number of online professional background check tools these days. Find one and start using it to ensure you only hire trustworthy employees.

Enhance Your Holiday Business Security

While the holidays can be a time of great profit, they also invite more theft than other times. Securing your retail store during the holiday season requires combining technology, training, and a proactive approach. By implementing these measures, you will protect your assets and create a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. A secure store is not only a deterrent to potential criminals but also a testament to your commitment to the well-being of your customers and employees alike.

Now that you know how to promote your business security and safeguard your inventory, it’s time to take professional loss prevention measures. Contact BlueChip to learn more about how we can help you protect your retail property today.


Your Building’s Concierge Is An Essential Piece Of The Security Team

Over a million property crime cases have occurred across the United States in a year. So, obviously, building security remains an essential part of any property. For buildings with a front-desk, the concierge plays a critical role in the security team.

What Does a Building Concierge Do?

The concierge is the first point of contact and often takes on front-line visitor and employee management. They perform tasks such as greeting people, answering the phone, and overseeing common areas, though their job is more than that. They also coordinate with building staff to track facility access, as well as the security systems of the entrances.

VP of Security Services for BlueChip Pros, Jeff Martin, explains where he sees the concierge fits in,

“Because they act as the main stopping point in your business area, concierges need to have the authority to respond to people who try to enter the building when they should not. While they may not be security guards in the traditional sense, the concierge should still serve to increase the security of everyone in the business.”

Why Is Building Security So Important?

Security is vital for a business to maintain the safety of its staff. As such, common tasks for the concierge team might include:

  • Protecting the building and its employees
  • Ensuring the facility complies with security standards
  • Preventing crime from occurring on the premises with regular

The concierge is best placed to handle many of these due to their placement at the entrance to the building. They also interact with everyone who enters, giving them a direct line of sight to evaluate potential problems earlier.

The Benefits of a Security-Trained Concierge

A concierge with professional training in security protocols can help you keep crime out of your building. Such training can familiarize someone with building security systems and how best to use them. This means they have a much higher chance of using them effectively when needed.

Jeff Martin expands on that thought:

“If your concierge has security training they will be able to respond quickly to any issue. Then, if they need to communicate with other security, they can do so concisely and professionally because they speak the same language. It ensures that you can receive help from not only your security guards, but the whole building community.”

Improve Your Building Security

You probably now have a better idea of having a concierge with experience in security can help with your overall building security. If you are still unsure, it might be time to talk to a professional. Jeff Martin and BlueChip Pros are professionals who can help you maintain the ongoing safety of your facilities. Contact them today to discuss your security needs.

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BlueChip Pros Traffic Services Keep Pedestrians and Vehicles Safe During Utility Work

Much of today’s transportation safety system is automated and controlled via light cycles, schedules, and driving patterns. However, there are situations where there is no substitute for human intervention. When utility companies need to shut down a street, it often catches drivers and pedestrians by surprise. Having traffic management and flaggers in place alleviates confusion and stress on commuters and keeps the utility company employees safe.

Jeff Martin, VP of Traffic and Security Services at BlueChip Pros, expands on that thought,

“Traffic is not always predictable, especially in a construction zone. Accidents can happen, so it’s important to have a team on-site to minimize the danger from traffic. Clarity from traffic flaggers goes a long way.”

So the question remains how do traffic flaggers help?

Maintain Flow of Traffic

Flagging services help reduce traffic accidents by maintaining traffic flow. The team creates a plan to allow traffic to flow, whether it is one lane out or multiple lanes. Once everything is set up, the team provides explicit directions to ensure the proper amount of vehicles travel safely and efficiently past the work site.

Flaggers are trained to understand safety protocols and keep safety first. Having flaggers on-site helps direct drivers’ attention, curtail dangerous driving, and get traffic moving as it should.

Increased Safety Measures 

In dangerous areas or situations traffic flow is even more critical. Downed power lines, damaged roadways, utility equipment, and workers carry their own hazards. Traffic flaggers are specially trained and equipped to handle these types of situations. The flaggers handle the ancillary safety issues around traffic so that the utility or municipality workers can safely fix the problem. This promotes a safe, smooth, and successful project.

Achieve Compliance 

Hiring certified traffic control flaggers helps ensure you meet local and federal compliance. These traffic control flaggers are trained for many different emergency situations and must receive ongoing training to maintain certification. With trained professionals, you can expect them to perform their duties safely and diligently at all times.

Jeff Martin explains the training his flaggers receive,

“BlueChip Pros ensures you have the most qualified professionals working on your projects by following strict training guidelines. All of our professionals are required to have the highest level of training to meet the BlueChip standards for safety, compliance, and conscientiousness. Our training regimine includes classes on traffic flow, pedestrian and bicycle management, driver interaction, specialty equipment use, emergency response, and much more. The team is re-trained and re-certified every year.”

Excellent Service and Communication

Professional flaggers understand what an important role they play in traffic safety. They know politeness and punctuality are part of the job, too. You trust them to provide important services and protect the public, so they should be well-prepared to handle those situations. This is a big responsibility and one they take seriously.

When you work with a company that provides quality flagging services, you should expect excellent customer service and open communication. They should discuss your project with you, explain what services they can offer, and answer any questions you may have.

Hire the Best Traffic Control Flaggers

Traffic control flaggers have an essential job and perform many functions. Their training and experience help make difficult traffic spots safer for everyone involved. From local roads to highways, you can create the safest work zones on long-term or short-term projects by hiring traffic control and flagging services professionals.


6 Reasons to Hire Professional Security Services for Your Business

Over 60 million property crimes were committed in 2020. Many of those crimes were committed against businesses. If you’re a business owner, you might be looking for ways to keep your business safe.

Well, have you considered investing in professional security services?

Let’s explore why you might want to invest in professional security services for your business.

1. Deter Crime

Uniformed security officers can act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Criminals are less likely to target a business or property that has measures in place that they can see. For example, you might have security officers patrolling the premises.

Security officers can use surveillance cameras and monitoring systems. This lets them keep an eye on potential security threats. They can identify suspicious behavior. Then, they can then prevent crime before it happens.

Security officers can control access to a building or property. They can ensure that only authorized personnel enter the area. This can help prevent theft, vandalism, and other types of criminal activity.

Security officers can communicate with other security personnel, law enforcement agencies, and other emergency responders in case of a security breach. This can help ensure a coordinated response to the situation. So they’ll increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Professional security services can work with you to develop customized security solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This ensures that your business is protected in the most effective way possible.

2. Quick Response

Professional security officers train for emergencies. They’ll be able to respond quickly and effectively when they happen. They can assess the situation. Then, they can take appropriate action to protect employees, customers, and assets.

Many security companies have rapid response teams that can deploy when emergencies happen. They’re trained to respond to a wide range of security threats. They can respond to active shooters, bomb threats, and other emergencies.

3. Crowd Control

Security officers can help manage crowds during busy events or high traffic.

Professional security services can develop a comprehensive plan for managing crowds. They can identify potential risks and develop strategies for preventing and managing incidents.

They can control access to events and public spaces. They ensure that only authorized individuals enter. This can help prevent overcrowding and reduce the risk of incidents.

Professional security services can use their skills to monitor crowd behavior. This can help identify potential problems before they escalate. So security officers will be able to take appropriate action.

Business security guards train in crowd management techniques. They learn how to de-escalate potentially volatile situations and manage large groups. This can help ensure that everyone stays safe and that events run smoothly.

In the event of an emergency, professional security officers can respond to manage the crowd and make sure everyone stays safe. They are trained to work with emergency responders to ensure a coordinated response.

4. Expertise and Training

A business security company may provide comprehensive training programs on different security-related topics.

Topics may include:

  • Emergency response
  • Surveillance
  • Access control
  • Crowd management
  • Conflict resolution

Depending on your business’s needs, professional security services can provide specialized training. For example, you might want security guards trained in fire safety, first aid, and active shooter response. This ensures that security officers have the skills to handle various security threats.

Professional security services stay current on the latest regulations related to security. They’ll need to know about things like OSHA regulations and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This ensures that your business remains compliant. So you’ll avoid any potential legal issues.

Many professional security services use advanced technology to enhance security. These include things like access control systems and intrusion detection systems. Security officers receive training on how to use these technologies to protect your business.

Professional security services can perform a thorough risk assessment of your business to find potential vulnerabilities. Then, they’ll be able to develop strategies for addressing them. This ensures your business is ready for a wide range of security threats.

5. Customer Service

Security officers work to provide excellent customer service while still keeping everyone safe. They can provide information about your business and ensure customers have a positive experience while visiting.

Security guards can greet visitors with a smile and a friendly welcome. This helps people feel at ease. They’ll help create a positive first impression of your business.

Security officers can provide directions and help to visitors unfamiliar with your business. They can ensure that tourists can easily find their way around and access the services they need. They can also provide support to customers who have questions or concerns.

Security officers can use their conflict resolution skills to de-escalate the situation in a dispute. They can resolve the issue professionally and courteously.

In a medical emergency, security officers can provide first aid until emergency medical services arrive. That helps protect the safety and well-being of your customers.

6. Peace of Mind

Hiring professional security services can give business owners and managers peace of mind. You’ll know that experienced professionals are protecting your premises and assets.

You won’t wake up in the middle of the night stressed out, worried that someone is damaging your property. And, when you have significant events or on big shopping days, you’ll know that the professionals have you covered.

Hire Professional Security Services Today

Professional security services are clearly a solid investment for keeping your employees, property, and customers safe. So, what are you waiting for?

Contact BlueChip Pros to start protecting your business today.

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4 Business Security Tips You Need to Know

Crime rates have surged in the past few years—and businesses are paying the price. A break-in can be devastating for any business. You might lose assets you have to replace and can spend days repairing the damage, adding to the loss of revenue.

Business security might seem to you like an unnecessary cost. However, it pays for itself when you factor in all the disadvantages of a crime happening to your business.

But security isn’t easy to optimize. If you want to keep yourself safe, you’ll need to think about how you go about your security. This article will walk you through some of the top business security tips out there.

1. Hire a Guard

Hiring a guard is the most obvious way to upgrade your business’s security. Doing so increases the visibility of your company’s security. Criminals don’t pick a business at random—they case out multiple businesses and choose which ones they want to break into based on which they’re most likely to succeed at.

A guard doesn’t just provide the safety of protecting your property—it shows criminals that you take security seriously. Even if you don’t take other security measures, the criminals will assume you do because of the guard.

The guard, obviously, can stop crimes while they’re happening. They can confront would-be criminals and subdue people if need be.

If a crime does happen on their watch, they are also trained for dealing with the fall-out. They can call the police, and redirect customers, while your other employees focus on keeping the business running. After the excitement has died down they will help you make a plan to stop it from happening again.

You can also have them cover more mundane security tasks, like locking up and making sure your locks are doing well.

2. Install Cameras

Cameras are another great way to increase your company’s security profile. Even if you can’t afford to always keep a guard around, criminals will become very uncomfortable with the idea of being watched, and will likely not choose your business.

Cameras are a great way to get information of criminals, making it more likely for you to be able to catch them, apprehend them, and gain some compensation for their crimes.

A big advantage of cameras is that they can catch your employees committing crimes. They might be able to steal from the register behind the security guard’s back, but the eye in the sky sees all.

This will also keep your employees working as hard as possible, knowing that you could be checking in on their commitment.

3. Consider Mundane Security

Things like security guards and alarm systems are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of security—and hopefully, we’ve convinced you to consider them.

But often, some of the most important security tips you can take to keep your business safe are simple and mundane.

You definitely have locks on your doors—but are they up to date? Make sure your locks haven’t worn down—making them easy to break. Make sure you lock up every single night as well.

On the topic of locks—make sure you limit the number of keys to your business you have. Make sure that only essential and trustworthy employees have access to your keys.

If you’re just opening a new business, make sure you change the locks. The old occupant of your building might still have access to your building.

Take the money out of your cash register, and either take it with you or keep it in a safe with highly selective access when it comes to your employees. Leave the cash register open at night with no money in it to signal to criminals that they won’t find anything.

Something as simple as waste can also cost you seriously regarding security. Make sure you regularly shred important documents so that no one has access to sensitive information. Be careful what you throw out in trash cans that the public can access.

security business can help you with these things as well.

4. Consider Cybersecurity

Did you know that cybercrime cost over a trillion dollars in 2022? Cybercriminals are getting smarter than ever, and cybersecurity can no longer be something added that you should care about—it has to be one of your main concerns.

A large part of cybersecurity is making sure you and your employees understand the threat. Low internet literacy is one of the biggest causes of cybersecurity break-ins. Common attacks—like phishing attacks—only work if you let the cybercriminal in.

A good cybersecurity company won’t just use technology like firewalls; they’ll hold seminars to teach your business about the newest threats in the cybersecurity world.

They’ll also be able to respond quickly to any breaches and break-ins that might happen to you, saving your IT team time and effort that they can devote to other parts of your business.

Understand Business Security

As you can see, there are many things you can do to improve business security. Security services extend beyond stopping crimes from happening and apprehending criminals.

Make sure that you consider the above options if you want to keep your business as safe as possible.

For more information on business security, contact us today.

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Get Your Security Prepared for the Retail Holiday Rush

About 54% of business owners report more theft than usual around the holidays. If you’re looking to safeguard your business this season, investing in enhanced business security measures is a good choice.

Here, we’re going to talk about theft prevention strategies for small and large retail businesses alike. Read on to learn how you can protect your inventory and your reputation.

Safeguard Your Inventory

Many stores sell expensive items like electronic devices, jewelry, and household appliances. A single instance of retail theft could cost you thousands if this describes your business.

That’s why it’s important that you lock up your most expensive inventory. A padlock and some thick plastic will make it more difficult for shoplifters to access expensive items and can pre-emptively combat theft.

Set Up Cameras Around Your Shop

Cameras can act as a deterrent for those who would consider shoplifting from your store this holiday season. When criminals see cameras around inventory that they’re looking to snatch, they’ll think twice before trying to steal it. After all, no one wants their face associated with shoplifting.

If someone does manage to steal something, cameras can show you exactly who did it. You can show these videos to the police as evidence of the theft. It will be much easier to get justice.

Test All Security Equipment

Both cameras and electronically-locked gates that safeguard inventory require testing. You need to make sure that they actually work or they’ll be ineffective. Ask professionals how you can test your technology to ensure that it’s all set up and ready to go.

At this point, you also should have someone check all the cameras for obstructions. Many shop owners accidentally place holiday decorations and shelving in front of cameras, rendering them useless. Test the footage so this doesn’t happen to you.

Perform Background Checks on Seasonal Employees

Holiday retail comes with seasonal employee hire, which means that you’ll be giving new people access to inventory.

Make sure that you perform thorough background checks on new hires. Someone with a criminal history may apply for a job so that they can steal merchandise via authorized access. You can use online professional background check tools to ensure that you’re only hiring trustworthy employees.

Invest in Security Patrols

Studies show that only 44% of thieves are deterred by security cameras. However, the vast majority will think twice about stealing if an employee or security guard is physically present.

Make sure that you hire security guards to patrol your store during the holiday rush. Parking lot patrols are also a good idea so that someone can catch thieves that run outside with merchandise.

Enhance Your Holiday Business Security

While the holidays can be a time of great profit, they also invite more theft than other times of the year.

Now that you know how to promote your business security and safeguard your inventory, it’s time to take professional loss prevention measures. Contact BlueChip to learn more about the ways that we can help you protect your retail property today.

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4 Ways Managing Your Own Security Guards is Costing You

In many cases, it may seem logical to hire in-house security guards to keep your building, property, employees, assets, and customers safe. Many believe that keeping your security services in-house is a cost savings solution. In reality, outsourcing your security guard protection to a reputable and experienced security services company is usually a more affordable, effective, and time-saving choice for businesses. Let’s take a look at four (4) of the ways self-managing your security team is costing you and why you will want to make the switch and outsource your security needs.

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4 Areas to Target in a Yearly Building Security Assessment

Security in the United States is worth more than $46 billion right now. This is due in large part to how critical this facet of business is for people and companies all over. Learning to take care of your company’s security will protect the people that you work with and do business with, in addition to any inventory that changes hands within your company. 

Getting regular facility assessments for your property will help you look after the most common security issues that businesses deal with every day. To help focus on the points that matter the most we created a complimentary security checklist to guide you through the assessment process. Here are some tips that will be useful when you’re following the checklist.

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