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Our CEO Shares His Thoughts on Commercial Cleaning for Growing Businesses

Dan Hopkins shared his thoughts on why a “Clean Start” is the best thing for a growing business and the story made its way around. Check it out at the MarketWatch website.

Why BlueChip Pros CEO, Dan Hopkins, Says a “Clean Start” is the Best Thing for Growing a Business

One of the most common attributes of a successful business is the ability to lock in on a specific target and move toward it with laser-like focus. The downside, this tunnel vision can sometimes cause you to lose sight of the things around you that factor into whether or not those goals are actually met.

One of those often-overlooked factors is as obvious as the physical space in which you operate. According to the International Data Corporation, unkept workplaces cost businesses around $2.5 million per year due to reduced productivity. These negative effects impact the bottom line in other ways too. Dan Hopkins, founder of BlueChip Pros, comments:

“We had an HR exec share that they were dealing with attendance and retention issues for some time that improved dramatically over the course of the year since we’ve taken over the facility maintenance account for the building.”

Data shows that improving the overall cleanliness of the workplace not only boosts productivity by reducing distraction, but it also reduces stress and increases morale by creating a workplace that employees actually want to be in. Solving employee retention on the surface seems all about yearly compensation, in reality, it’s also very much about the daily experience which is dependent on the physical environment. Hopkins continues:

“Your building says a great deal about you, about your business, and its brand in general. A properly maintained lobby, showroom, office, or even warehouse is a game-changer in the way that it sets a precedent not only on how you’re perceived but also how people will treat your space – it has an exponential effect in that way.”

While ROI on commercial cleaning sometimes can be difficult to calculate, some things are clear. It’s never a bad move to go the extra mile to set up people for success, especially considering those people are what drives your company forward. So why not take the proactive approach in creating a clean space that’s conducive to increased productivity, reduced liability, and making everyday life that much more enjoyable.

About Dan Hopkins

Dan Hopkins is the founder and CEO of BlueChip Pros, a national facility maintenance company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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