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Disinfecting the Work Place From the COVID-19 Delta Variant

By now, we all know pretty much everything there is to know about COVID. We know how it spreads, what the symptoms of the virus are, and how the vaccine works to keep us safer. We’re a world of COVID experts!

But, what people still aren’t sure about is how they can clean workspaces to stay safe from the virus, especially with the Delta variant. As something that’s highly transmissible, how do you keep it out of your work place?

Read our guide from our disinfection services experts to find out more. 

Should You Deep Clean Regularly?

In a workspace where different people are often coming and going, a regular deep clean has always been necessary. But now, with COVID to contend with, disinfecting the office with deep cleans is essential. Although there is evidence that COVID doesn’t last long on many surfaces, removing it as quickly as possible is a must if you want to avoid the spread.

The Three Components You Need

When disinfecting the workplace, there are three components you need:

  1. Wet Sprays
  2. Surface Wiping
  3. Fogging

Wet sprays are ideal for coating an entire surface with a solution for disinfecting from the delta variant. The solution should be left on the surface for a period of time specified by the manufacturer before you remove it, or it can be left on to dry.

Surface wiping is perfect for targeting certain areas that might have more traffic. For example, door handles and computer keyboards. 

Fogging is when a solution is sprayed around the room, creating a disinfecting fog to remove bacteria and viruses from the air. Our electrostatic sprayers allow for the disinfectant to reach every area of your room, including all the nooks and crannies, without damaging any of your equipment.

Should You Opt For Professional Disinfecting From COVID-19?

If you’re wondering whether to call in the professionals, the simple answer is yes, you should. Professional cleaners have the equipment, the solutions, and the knowledge to properly disinfect your space. With something as serious as COVID, it’s not worth taking the risk of not doing it properly. 

Delta Variant Cleaning Tips

Between professional disinfecting, there are plenty of little things you can do to keep your workplace cleaner and safe from the Delta variant. For example, provide your staff with plenty of hand sanitizer and their own cleaning equipment for their space. Teach them how to regularly wipe down their surfaces and make sure they know why they’re doing it.

It may sound like a small thing, but you can also keep your windows open when the weather allows. Regular air circulation will help keep your staff safe and prevent the air particles of COVID from building up in your workspace.

Hire Professional Disinfection Services

If you’re looking into disinfection services, get in touch with our team at Blue Chip Pros. We have services dedicated to antiviral protection in the workplace, helping keep you and your staff safe. When it comes to COVID, don’t cut corners; hire the best. 

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