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Facility Management

We’ll run your building so that you can run your business.

Approach the day with the ability to focus on what matters most and leave the property management to us. From administrative duties to vendor management and facility maintenance, we raise the standards by optimizing your commercial space specifically for what your business needs to operate at its highest potential.

Facility Management

    Take back your workday.

    Find out how BlueChip Pros saves you time, hassle, and headaches while setting your building up for success.

    Save Time & Energy

    Focus on what matters most while we manage every aspect of your property.

    Optimize Operations

    Ensure your building is being maintained efficiently and effectively.

    Enhance Experinece

    Improve the overall quality of living for everyone who inhabits your space.

    Trusted for over 35 years

    Our experience is your advantage

    We understand that part of your success counts on reliable and cost-effective facility management services. By partnering with your organization, we get to understand your needs and take the routine building administration and maintenance responsibilities off of your plate – letting you get more out of your space to do what you do best.

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    Facility Management Specialties

    Janitorial Services

    Commercial Cleaning | Disinfection Services

    Cost Savings Analysis

    Total Operational Assessment | Utility Costs | Lifecycle Planning

    Specialty Services

    Hard Floor Restoration | Concrete Epoxy Coating | Paving

    Event Design

    Crowd Control | Security Checks | Agenda Planning

    Security Services

    Security Guards | Loss Prevention | Entry Point Management

    Maintenance Services

    General Maintenance | Electrical | Plumbing | HVAC | Structural

    Exterior and Grounds

    Landscaping | Parking Lots

    Emergency Planning

    Emergency Response | Training & Drills

    Let’s be Direct

    Here are the direct (and indirect) advantages of the BlueChip Pros approach to facility management.


    Here’s what you get day one.

    • Save valuable time and energy 
    • Reduce risk and exposure to liability
    • Network of vetted vendors at discounted rates
    • Lower operating expenses associated with property


    Here’s what happens as a result.

    • Focus on your current initiatives 
    • Safer building with less insurance claims
    • Lower cost, higher quality maintenance teams
    • Boost bottom line or reinvest savings

    Raise your Standards

    Your building, at its best.

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