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Facility Management

Develop, Execute, Evaluate. Repeat.

At BlueChip Pros Facility Management means much more to us than just supervising projects. Our experienced Facility and Project Management professionals will work with your entire team to understand what your company needs to create the ideal work environment. The Pros embedded in your buildings will develop and execute standard operating procedures and then iterate them based on actual day-to-day activity.

    Efficient Facilities Mean Effective Employees.

    Facility Management Services

    We know how important your facilities are to your company. We also know that the process of managing those facilities can take your focus away from your core competency. Everyone on your team from The Pros on-premises to our executive team ensures you have best-in-class service and experiences. Created from the ground up, our processes were developed to provide consistent, high-quality performance in each of your facilities whether they are 50 or 5,000 miles apart.

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    Facility Management Specialties

    Janitorial Services

    Commercial Cleaning | Disinfection Services

    Cost Savings Analysis

    Total Operational Assessment | Utility Costs | Lifecycle Planning

    Specialty Services

    Hard Floor Restoration | Concrete Epoxy Coating | Paving

    Event Design

    Crowd Control | Security Checks | Agenda Planning

    Security Services

    Security Guards | Loss Prevention | Entry Point Management

    Maintainance Services

    General Maintenance | Electrical | Plumbing | HVAC | Structural

    Exterior and Grounds

    Landscaping | Parking Lots

    Emergency Planning

    Emergency Response | Training & Drills

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