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Facility Services

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Facility Maintenance Services

We’re committed to making your space the best it can be. Although we specialize in commercial janitorial and floor care, it’s the extra attention that most clients say makes the biggest difference. Everyone on our team from our Pros on-premises to our executive team ensure best-in-class service and experience. Starting literally from the ground up, our processes were developed to provide consistent, high-quality performance in each of your facilities whether they are 50 or 5,000 miles apart.

Facility Maintenance

Stay Safe and Stay Open for Business

Coronavirus Cleaning Services

With commercial buildings, offices, and retail spaces opening back up for business after being shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s your responsibility as a property owner, building manager or facility admin to now keep your space open and operating safely. While that may not be an easy task, the experts at Blue Chip Pros are here to assist and execute proper sanitization and disinfecting techniques to deep clean not only what you see but also what you don’t. 

Antiviral Disinfection

Your protection is our Priority

Security Services

It’s safe to say that the BlueChip Security Services shield comes with some serious backing. Your specially trained management and supervisory team can feature “Certified Protection Professionals” (CPP) who have been certified by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International).

Security Services

Is your complex a bit… complex?

Custom Maintenance Services

Our unique system is designed specifically for each individual aspect of your company’s interior finishes. It offers flexibility which enables us to continually monitor and manage your needs and respond accordingly as changes occur within your company.

We are committed to helping you minimize your impact on the environment. By utilizing our green cleaning techniques and complete line of green chemicals we can develop a 100% green maintenance program for you. To maintain a cleaner and healthier workplace, you can trust The BlueChip Pros System.

Specialty Services

Probably the best things about BCP from our experience is that their team goes the extra mile while maintaining our properties – like taking their time to get the hard to remove stuff that our old service used to just mop over and call a day.

Kevin M.
Orlando, Florida

I like working with Blue Chip because they consistently do good work even though you barely notice them which I (and people who work in the building) can appreciate. Best feedback so far is that we’ve had ppl assume we’ve had recent renovations (we haven’t). But we enjoyed the positive feedback. 

Lori H.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Professional, Responsive and good quality commercial cleaning work! Blue Chip stands out from the rest of the competition and is always there when needed.

Marvin D.
Atlanta, Georgia

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