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PROfile – Gabriela, Angela, and Ruben

Gabriela, Angela, and Ruben

Washington State

BlueChip Employee


For 2 years Angela, Gabriela, and Ruben have done an amazing job for our Washington State team. They have been a perfect example of how BlueChip strives to Raise The Standards. As a result, they have earned this month’s Employee PROfile. Great job, Gabriela, Angela, and Ruben!


Gabriela was solely responsible for cleaning one of our client’s giant empty department stores after a move. When she was done she was impressed with what she was able to accomplish by herself (we were too).

At 70 years old, Angela still shows up to work every day and even loves doing new projects like carpet.

Although Ruben would have loved to have been a basketball player, he still loves doing a good job, especially when it comes to folder cleaning.

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