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Education Facility Security

Safe and Secure Public and Private Education Properties

Create the safest learning environment possible by hiring the Pros to run the security services in your properties and facilities.

Security Guards
Security Planning and Consultation
Entries, Parking Lots, High-Traffic Areas, Patrols and Everything Else

    Keep your classes safe

    Professional Security Guard and Consulting Services

    When it’s time to get for your students and faculty to get down to work you shouldn’t have to worry about ensuring that the class environment is safe and secure. It is essential to have security professionals that are highly-trained, compliant, and equipped with all the tools they need. BlueChip Pros Security Services can help with creating a plan and providing the security guards, security officers, and management team necessary to make sure your workplace is safe, secure, and successful. 

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    Asset Protection

    Monitor and control access to all the valuable property your faculty and students rely upon.

    CCTV Monitoring

    We’ll keep an eye on everything, so you can concentrate on what your school needs.

    Emergency Response

    We’ll help create a plan and be there to put it into action.

    Cleaning Services

    Keep your school open and safe with cleaning and disinfection services.

    It starts with the training

    Highly Qualified Security Guards and Security Management Professionals

    You, the faculty, the students, and a safe learning environment will always come first. To ensure this, BlueChip Pros Security Services teaches all of your security professionals to focus on client partnership from the start. We ensure you will have the most qualified professionals working in your facilities by following strict training guidelines. Get peace of mind knowing that the Pros in your schools are all required to have the highest level of training to meet the BlueChip standards for safety, compliance, and conscientiousness. 

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    Highly Decorated

    Raise your Standards

    Create the safest possible learning environment

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