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With our proven cleaning methods and excellent quality of service, we’ve been exceeding our clients expectations across the nation since 1984. We increase the life expectancy of interior finishes, therefore providing a greater return on investment.

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Custom Maintenance Services

Our unique system is designed specifically for each individual aspect of your company’s interior finishes. It offers flexibility which enables us to continually monitor and manage your needs and respond accordingly as changes occur within your company.

We are committed to helping you minimize your impact on the environment. By utilizing our green cleaning techniques and complete line of green chemicals we can develop a 100% green maintenance program for you. To maintain a cleaner and healthier workplace, you can trust The BlueChip Pros System.

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Concrete Epoxy Coating

Concrete Diamond Grinding and Epoxy Coating is a concrete rejuvenation and protection process.  This process removes the top layer of concrete to bond for adhesion, installs a resinous barrier between the surface and concrete below, and seals with a Urethane top coat for chemical protection.  This process prevents the transmission of water, chemicals, and contaminants and keeps the concrete structure below it safe.

  • Coated concrete floors maintain a brilliant shine and impact employee morale and customer confidence.

  • Perfect for industrial applications, manufacturing floors, battery charging stations, food processing areas, and warehouse floors.

  • Coated concrete floors protect your concrete from wear and aid in cleaning by providing a barrier between dirt and the concrete.

  • Coated concrete floors reflect more light promoting greater visibility and safety.

Hard Floor Restoration

Tennant HPS-100 is a Gloss Urethane Industrial Coating that can be put down over VCT, Terrazzo, and Concrete. This topcoat not only provides a beautiful shine but also is very durable and has excellent chemical resistance.

  • It reduces cleaning costs by eliminating the need for stripping, waxing, and buffing floors.
  • Tennant HPS-100 provides a beautiful finish perfect for areas such as hallways, stairwells, classrooms, and patient rooms.
  • Tennant HPS-100 is easily cleaned by mopping with soap and water.
  • Tennant HPS-100 is long lasting and durable, even tough enough to be used in the hangar that houses Air Force One!

Tennant HTS-100 is a Satin Urethane Coating that can be put down over VCT, Terrazzo, and Concrete. This topcoat provides a satin finish and contains an aluminum oxide mixture designed for anti-slip applications and to increase longevity and durability. The Proprietary three-component formula of this product is exclusive only to TENNANT Eco-HTS 10

  • Perfect for industrial applications, locker rooms, hallways, and patient rooms where additional slip resistance is desired.
  • Perfect for industrial applications, locker rooms, hallways, and patient rooms where additional slip resistance is desired.
  • It is cleaned by mopping with soap and water.

Coming in September 2021

Tile & Grout Restoration

Blue Chip Pros also specializes in tile and grout restoration. Our process removes dirt, contaminants, and odors from tile and grout and then re-bonds it with a non-porous material. Afterwards a protective shield is applied to the entire floor leaving a like-new appearance.

  • Perfect for restrooms, showers, and kitchens; our restoration process eliminates the absorbency of the floor, eliminates mold and mildew, and reduces nosocomial infections.

  • Contaminants such as urine, blood, or dirt remain on the surface because of the shield and are easily cleaned.

  • Our approach leaves your floors not only looking “like new” but helps to protect it moving forward. 

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Environmental (Air Quality)

PURETi treated surfaces prevent grime growth and reverse pollution outdoors. Indoors, PURETi eliminates odors and improves air quality. Buildings and windows stay cleaner. White roofs stay cooler. Inside air is healthier and odor free. One long lasting application saves time, money, water, chemicals and energy. Transform almost any surface into a self-cleaning air purifier to save more and clean less.

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