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Spring Cleaning is Not Just for Your Home

Springtime means fresh beginnings. What better way to start the season right than doing spring cleaning?!

Some TLC and maintenance create a safer, healthier, and more productive workspace. Both employees and clients gain from tidier, clean office spaces. How so? Well, keep reading to learn all the great benefits of commercial cleaning!

Healthier Workspaces

If there were a silver lining to the COVID pandemic then it’s found in our awareness of illnesses. We learned about how viruses spread and began better routines to prevent the spread. These practices are what we should all do to ensure safe, healthy workspaces.

Combining springtime cleaning and commercial cleaning services provides:

  • Less clutter and spaces that are inaccessible to proper cleaning
  • Sanitization and on-going best practices to prevent an outbreak
  • Healthy, happy employees that aren’t taking sick leave or spreading illness to others

From keyboards and doorknobs to bathroom facilities, there are a lot of dirty areas of an office. Get everyone involved by developing and following a workplace cleanliness plan. Then, call on the pros for deep-cleaning services for tough areas.

Safer Environments

Work environments get hectic when business is booming. This may lead to corner-cutting when it comes to environmental safety. Whether intentional or by accident, it’s important to keep a workplace clean and tidy to ensure it’s safe for everyone.

Get started by following OSHA safety guidelines — then the following:

  • Keeping areas decluttered of obstructions and hazards
  • Setting up safety stations to respond to incidents
  • Create a reward system for employees following guidelines

Much like spring cleaning your home, regular office cleaning creates better conditions. Inspect, prioritize, and tackle the task together or with the help of safety experts. Make this into an annual routine that coincides with the season and optimism!

Budget and Renovate

The start of the year means a fresh operational budget. Part of this budget should go to specialty services and renovations. This ensures workspaces remain safe versus falling apart and becoming a problem!

Updates and renovations could include:

  • Inspections and addressing foundational issues
  • Deep cleaning and restoring high traffic areas
  • Workplace training and on-site resources
  • Tools and safety items

The operational budget with these items will fall in line right around springtime. So, use it to your advantage and see the facilities getting the updates and resources they need. Push for a commercial cleaning budget as much as you would marketing!

Deep Spring Cleaning

The best way to tidy up and clean a workspace in springtime is with the help of top-rated services. With the help from the pros, you and the team can stay focused on the tasks and challenges at hand. Their expert cleaning know-how is ideal for creating safer, healthier workspaces and environments.

Who better to call on for spring cleaning than BlueChip Pros!

Our commercial cleaning company leverages professional expertise with medical-grade sanitation practices. Discover how we can help clean and maintain your facilities. Give us a call (1-888-868-2345) or request a free service quote.

Let’s make this springtime a fresh start to your operations!

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