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System 3

Up to 120 day Surface Protection Against COVID-19*

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The Smarter Way to Sanitize your Space

The service that exceeds now has the science to match with up to 120 day surface protection against COVID-19*

BlueChip Pros is proud to be your professional service provider of System 3 products. Professional application of System 3 products uses non-harmful, EPA approved compounds to clean on contact and create a protective barrier to repel surface contamination after. The ultimate match up for the ultimate peace of mind.


Water-based technology is merciless on unwanted organisms but exceptionally gentle on skin.

  Long Lasting

System 3 products clean surfaces on contact while leaving a protective barrier to repel contamination.


EPA approved, environmentally friendly formula is completely food safe and welcome everywhere people gather.

* When professionally applied, System 3 protects untouched surfaces for up to 120 days.

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You name the place, we’ll make it safe.

When combined with System 3 solutions, our disinfection process ensures long lasting protection against viruses on surfaces, furniture, and fabric.



The BlueChip Pros team will prep your facility spaces for maximum coverage and effectiveness.



We use the latest electrostatic technology to safely and effectively apply System 3 solution to sanitize on contact



Our application methods along with System 3 creates a protective barrier to repel surface contamination for up to 120 days*

Probably the best things about BCP from our experience is that their team goes the extra mile while maintaining our properties – like taking their time to get the hard to remove stuff that our old service used to just mop over and call a day.

Kevin M.
Orlando, Florida

I like working with Blue Chip because they consistently do good work even though you barely notice them which I (and people who work in the building) can appreciate. Best feedback so far is that we’ve had ppl assume we’ve had recent renovations (we haven’t). But we enjoyed the positive feedback. 

Lori H.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Superior Service with a Scientific Advantage

Keep your facilities disinfected and protected with System 3 products applied exclusively by BlueChip Pros.

Superior Service with a Scientific Advantage

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