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The Often Overlooked Position That Helps Businesses Level Up

Most business owners would agree that time is the most valuable asset of all. However, many of the same owners and employers overlook utilizing a key role that not only saves them time directly but also keeps their workforce operating efficiently. For any company that operates inside their own space, utilizing a dedicated facility manager makes a difference that quickly becomes exponential to workplace morale, risk mitigation, and even bottom line profits.

Utilizing a Facility Management Expert

For business owners who like to manage their own facilities, we refer to the words of Stephen R. Covey, businessman and author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

Stephen R. Covey

An adept facility management expert will not only keep your building running smoothly but also help set up your workforce for a successful workday by implementing industry best practices into the management of your facilities. According to the latest Fundera statistics, cash flow is the reason why over 80% of businesses fail, so the notion of even one major setback in the workplace can be catastrophic to your business, especially if avoidable. Joe Hartmann, Principal and VP of the Facility Management Division of BlueChip Pros comments.

“Aside from all the training and trade secrets a good facility manager brings with them, the real advantage is the ability to be proactive in avoiding costly setbacks that a business can [and usually will] experience when taking a more reactive approach.”

Joe Hartmann, Principal and Vice President of Facility Management

Main takeaway, buildings of all sizes seem to find ways to keep management busy with unnecessary distractions that take time and energy away from reaching that next level. Prioritize your profits and stay focused on what matters by finding a facility manager that will handle all aspects of your building – so you can handle your business.

About BlueChip Pros:

BlueChip Pros is a national facility management, janitorial, and security company that is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. They are excited to introduce a new focus on general security services. This new division is to be called BlueChip Pros Security Services.

About Joe Hartmann:

Joe Hartmann joined Blue Chip Pros in September 2021 bringing more than 30 years of experience in the real estate services industry. Joe is responsible for developing and implementing solutions to help our clients better manage and maintain their facilities while improving the workplace experience for their employees and customers. Joe previously served as the Managing Director of asset services at CBRE in central and southwest Ohio. Joe’s team of 120 real estate professionals managed a portfolio of 151 office, retail, headquarters, and industrial properties. Throughout his career, Joe has overseen the management of more than 560 commercial properties of all types in North America and globally. He has provided real estate services for a diverse group of 105 clients consisting of investor and financial institutions, healthcare, retail, government, and educational providers.

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