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Why Having One Cleaning Company for All Your Retail Locations Is Important

If you are responsible for a multi-location retail business, you understand the need for proper cleaning and maintenance. Hiring one company is the best way of ensuring all your locations are cleaned thoroughly every time. That’s why we’ve written the following post to explain exactly why retail store cleaning services should be handled by a single company.

Working With One Cleaning Company Guarantees a Consistent Standard of Cleaning

One of the main reasons you should have one cleaning company for all your retail locations is that it creates a sense of consistency.

If you hire multiple different companies for the job, there’s no guarantee they’ll all complete them to the same high standard.

However, if you use the same company each time, you can get a clear sense of the quality of their work. You can also trust that they will fulfil their duties to this same high quality every time they clean your property.

Another advantage here is that it’s much easier to keep track of your cleaner’s work.

You’ll be able to compare a recent clean with a job that was handled the previous week, or at the same time last month. This can be a good way of simplifying the process of reviewing cleaning jobs.

You Can Build a Closer Relationship

Another reason to use one cleaning company is that you can build a closer relationship with them.

If you’re constantly changing who you use for your retail store cleaning, it’s much harder to develop a rapport. This means it’ll be more difficult to communicate any specific needs or requirements you have.

It’s then therefore harder for a cleaning company to clean your properties to the standard you need.

On the other hand, if you use the same company all the time, you can get to know them and they’ll understand your desires.

This makes it much easier to have a productive working relationship.

They’ll Begin to Understand Your Business Better

This leads us nicely to our next point – if you use one cleaning company for all your retail locations, they’ll understand your business better.

They’ll know what times are best for cleaning, which areas need more attention, and any other specific requirements you might have.

This knowledge can only be gained through experience. It is, however, also important to use a company that already has a good understanding of the retail sector.

After all, the demands of commercial cleaning for office spaces differ substantially from the demands of retail cleaning.

That way, they’ll possess two levels of detailed expertise. They’ll know the average requirements for any generic retail business.

Then, they’ll also understand your company’s needs per each location you operate. This experience will also continue to grow the more you work with each other.

Your cleaners will be able to do a quicker, better cleaning job as time goes by. That means the whole process becomes more streamlined the more you work with each other.

It Saves You Time and Money in the Long Run

We’ve just explained how working with the same company helps cleaning jobs save time.

But it can also help save you money. If you’re constantly changing who you use, you’ll likely spend more time managing different companies and chasing up quotes.

You won’t have built a rapport with any of these companies, so you won’t know who you’re working with. You may speak to a receptionist for the very first time when you’re chasing a payment.

But by working with the same company, you’ll have already built these strong relationships.

That means you’re not wasting time chasing payments or worrying about cleaning. 

If one company manages all your locations, you’re also able to negotiate a reasonable rate. This is because you’ll be providing a large amount of work to the company regularly.

By coming to an arrangement that benefits both of you, you’ll likely end up spending far less on your cleaning than you would if you worked with multiple companies for each retail site.

Retail Locations Require Particular Attention

Finally, it’s important to bear in mind that retail locations require significant attention when it comes to cleaning.

The first impression your site gives out to your customers is of paramount importance. Experts believe that it’s this first impression that allows you to build initial consumer trust in your particular business.

This makes it arguably far more important than keeping your office space clean.

After all, customers can visit this location directly to purchase your products or services. As a result, you need to work with a company you can trust, who you have a strong working relationship with.

This is only possible when you work with the same professional cleaning company across all your locations. They’ll be able to meet a consistent, high standard for each site you operate.

This can help you project a cohesive, clean brand for all of your retail outlets at any given time.

When combined with the aforementioned time-saving, cost-saving, and superior cleaning, it’s clear that working with one cleaning company is the way forward for retail businesses today.

Where Can I Find Out More About Retail Cleaning?

You should now know why working with one cleaning company is a superior option for retailers today. But it’s also vital that you find talented and committed cleaners who can give your locations the attention they deserve.

Our team at BlueChip Pros provides extensive commercial cleaning services, including at retail properties. To find out more about how we can help across all your retail locations, make sure to contact our friendly team directly. 

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