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Your Building’s Concierge Is An Essential Piece Of The Security Team

Over a million property crime cases have occurred across the United States in a year. So, obviously, building security remains an essential part of any property. For buildings with a front-desk, the concierge plays a critical role in the security team.

What Does a Building Concierge Do?

The concierge is the first point of contact and often takes on front-line visitor and employee management. They perform tasks such as greeting people, answering the phone, and overseeing common areas, though their job is more than that. They also coordinate with building staff to track facility access, as well as the security systems of the entrances.

VP of Security Services for BlueChip Pros, Jeff Martin, explains where he sees the concierge fits in,

“Because they act as the main stopping point in your business area, concierges need to have the authority to respond to people who try to enter the building when they should not. While they may not be security guards in the traditional sense, the concierge should still serve to increase the security of everyone in the business.”

Why Is Building Security So Important?

Security is vital for a business to maintain the safety of its staff. As such, common tasks for the concierge team might include:

  • Protecting the building and its employees
  • Ensuring the facility complies with security standards
  • Preventing crime from occurring on the premises with regular

The concierge is best placed to handle many of these due to their placement at the entrance to the building. They also interact with everyone who enters, giving them a direct line of sight to evaluate potential problems earlier.

The Benefits of a Security-Trained Concierge

A concierge with professional training in security protocols can help you keep crime out of your building. Such training can familiarize someone with building security systems and how best to use them. This means they have a much higher chance of using them effectively when needed.

Jeff Martin expands on that thought:

“If your concierge has security training they will be able to respond quickly to any issue. Then, if they need to communicate with other security, they can do so concisely and professionally because they speak the same language. It ensures that you can receive help from not only your security guards, but the whole building community.”

Improve Your Building Security

You probably now have a better idea of having a concierge with experience in security can help with your overall building security. If you are still unsure, it might be time to talk to a professional. Jeff Martin and BlueChip Pros are professionals who can help you maintain the ongoing safety of your facilities. Contact them today to discuss your security needs.

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