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Educational Facilities

Professional Cleaning Services for Schools

Create the best environment for learning while keeping your students and faculty safe by hiring the Pros to maintain your school buildings.

Public Schools K-12
Qualifying Private Schools
Colleges & Universities 

    Keep your schools open and safe

    Professional Disinfecting Services for Schools

    With schools opening back up, it’s important to do so smartly and safely. Our protocols reduce risk with a multilayered approach to sanitation which including innovative technology that creates antimicrobial barriers on high-touch surfaces. Find out more about how BlueChip Pros goes has raised the standards in antiviral disinfection services to create the safest possible environment for students and facility.¬†

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    Facility Maintenance

    Innovative and cost effective commercial janitorial solutions

    Specialty Services

    Flexible solutions based on your institution’s needs

    Covid-19 Disinfection

    Keep your school open and students safe

    Security Services

    The most comprehensive and conscientious security available

    The optimal learning environment

    Professionally Maintaining Your School Building

    Raising the standards for keeping your educational facilities properly cleaned and maintained not only makes the space more inviting and enjoyable, it also reduces distractions and absenteeism which increases focus, productivity and enrollment. The cumulative effects make your school an even more desirable place to learn.

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    Highly Decorated

    Raise your Standards

    Create the best possible environment for learning

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