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Retail Security

Security Services for Retail Environments

Create the safest shopping experience possible by hiring the Pros to run your retail store security.

Department Stores
Malls and Shopping Centers
Nationwide Chains or Francises

    Keep your store safe and business thriving

    Professional Security Guards and Security Services

    Every time your store opens you shouldn’t have to worry about ensuring that your workspace, employees, and shoppers are safe and secure. It is essential to have security professionals that are highly-trained, compliant, and equipped with all the tools they need. BlueChip Pros Security Services can help with creating a plan and providing the security guards, security officers, and management team necessary to make sure your store is safe, secure, and successful.

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    Retail Loss Prevention

    Secure your inventory and reduce both external and internal losses.

    Security Patrols

    Patrol the interior and exterior of your store and keep your parking lot secure.

    Emergency Response

    Make plans so that you are ready for anything and we’ll be there to put the plans into action.

    Cleaning Services

    Keep your retail stores open and safe with cleaning and disinfection services.

    It starts with the training

    Highly Qualified Security Service Professionals

    You, your employees, and your shoppers will always come first. To ensure this, BlueChip Pros Security Services teaches all of your security professionals our focus on client partnership from the start. We ensure you will have the most qualified professionals working in your facilities by following strict training guidelines. Get peace of mind knowing that the Pros in your stores are all required to have the highest level of training to meet the BlueChip standards for safety, compliance, and conscientiousness. 

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    Keep your stores safe and business thriving

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